Active Play Games

Green book full of jump rope rhymes.Anna Banana 101 Jump-Rope Rhymes
For ages 4-8
1-4 players
How many times can you jump rope? Can you hop, skip, and double-dutch? With these rhymes and rhythms, jump rope is even more fun.


Four colorful plastic spoons with four plastic eggshells filled with beanbag yolks.Egg & Spoon Race
For ages 3+
2-4 players
Try to balance the egg on the spoon and race to see who can carry an egg fastest without losing it. If an egg is dropped, it will open and release the yolk.



Six colored bean bags and plastic bowls for matching emotions.Flip Flop Faces
For ages 4+
2+ players
Aim, toss and flip! This innovative bean bag toss game teaches children to understand facial expressions while developing gross motor skills and coordination skills.


Card game where you match the animal heads and tails.Heads Talk Tails Walk
For ages 3+
2-5 players
Can you hop like a frog while clucking like a chicken? Players try to match hidden head tiles to the correct body tiles. If the head and body don’t match, players walk and talk like the mismatched tiles!


Silver juggling book with 3 red bean bags.Juggling for the Complete Klutz
For ages 8+
Single player
Learn how to juggle with these three bean bags and book!



Book that teaches how to yo-yo.Klutz Yo-Yo Book
For ages 8+
Single player
Learn how to yo-yo with this book and yo-yo kit!





Two rings with bouncy mesh and 2 balls to bounce back and forth.Spring Rings
For ages 
1-2 players
Play a variety of games for hours with this catchy, throwing, bouncy, flingy, fun ring set. The large springy disks are great for use in a multitude of outdoor games.




Card game where kids act like the characters on the cards they find.Walk Like a Chicken
For ages 3+
2+ players
Walk Like A Chicken is a hide and seek activity game for preschool kids. Hide the 24 object cards face down, then seek it out, while acting it out!


Yellow spinner and cards with yoga poses on them.Yoga Spinner Game
For ages 5+
2-4 players
Give the spinner a whirl and perform the pose on the corresponding Yoga Pose Card. If you can hold the pose for 10 seconds, you keep the card, and the first player to collect a card in each color wins!